Most frequent questions and answers.

A common additive in grease formulated for farm equipment is molybdenum disulfide (moly grease) that provides plating protection even if the grease gets pushed or washed out of a bearing.

For most of the year in a Mediterranean-type climate, SAE 30 petroleum motor oilis sufficient to keep small engines running smoothly. In areas where temperatures dip below 32 degrees, a multi-viscosity oil with a thinner winter mix, 10W-30 or 5W-30, depending on owner’s manual recommendations, is used.

Machines should be greased at least as often as the manufacturer’s instructions suggest, but experience will tell you a more complete story. Depending on the use and conditions, the machinery may need greasing every dayor even several times a day.

Some use conventional mineral base oils, others use PAO and ester synthetics, and some are a blend of conventional and synthetic oils. Here at Jack Green Oil we offer PennGrade 1 products.

NASCAR teams cannot afford any breakdown, they; therefore, rely on oil specially formulated for high endurance for the 500-mile long race. Mobil One has been the oil being used by NASCAR for a long time.

The best recipe for low adhesive wear and low corrosive wear in a drag racing engine is to use a high quality racing oil and change it often. Our drag racing customers prefer PennGrade 1 products.

The difference between racing oil and street oil is largely characterized by the base oil chemistry and various additive packages specified by engine manufacturers.

There are many types of greases in the market. It all depends on the application you will need to apply grease too. Jack Green Oil Company offers all types of grease to meet your needs.

Because these are high speed we recommend a non-moly, tacky grease, like our Magnaplex (lithium Complex) or our Thermoplex (Calcium Sulfonate, Good water resistance) both NLGI #2

Motor oil contamination is the result of dirt, fuel, metal particles and other contaminants accumulating in the oil. It also occurs when chemical changes, such as additive depletion and oxidation, take place in the oil itself.

Pull the dipstick and wipe some oil on your fingers. Step 2. Rub the oil between finger and thumb. Step 3. Wipe the oil off with a rag, and examine your skin. It should be perfectly clean. If it leaves a dark stain on your skin the oil has high soot and can’t keep the engine clean. Refer back to your manual and make sure you are changing your oil regularly.

PennGrade High Mileage Motor Oils maximize engine performance with premium base oils and optimized additive system to meet the lubricating demands of today’s high mileage gasoline engines. PennGrade High Mileage Motor Oils offer excellent anti-wear and shear stability properties, protection from engine sludge, varnish deposits and valve train component corrosion. PennGrade High Mileage Motor Oils also offer exceptional resistance to thermal degradation, good anti-foaming characteristics and lower phosphorous levels for improved emissions systems performance in vehicles prone to consumption / oil leakage.


Reliant Premium 15w40 responds to the new challenges of diesel engine protection. Formulated to exceed the basic industry standards, Reliant™ Premium offers users a truly differentiated option from the average engine oil. Compared to previous generations, or products just meeting the new standards, Reliant Premium will deliver.