It pays to use the most dependable, highest-quality oils, lubricants and coolants to keep your trucks on the road in peak condition.  When it comes to fleet owners and operators, D-A Lubricant Company understands success centers upon on-time completion of the job with minimal cost. Long engine life and efficient, economical operation are the keys to achieving this goal.  The standard of quality since 1919.

If you don't know the exact product you need for your specific brand of equipment, our team is available to help you for all of your equipment.


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Reliant Premium 15w40 responds to the new challenges of diesel engine protection. Formulated to exceed the basic industry standards, Reliant™ Premium offers users a truly differentiated option from the average engine oil. Compared to previous generations, or products just meeting the new standards, Reliant Premium will deliver.

PennGrade High Mileage Motor Oils maximize engine performance with premium base oils and optimized additive system to meet the lubricating demands of today’s high mileage gasoline engines. PennGrade High Mileage Motor Oils offer excellent anti-wear and shear stability properties, protection from engine sludge, varnish deposits and valve train component corrosion. PennGrade High Mileage Motor Oils also offer exceptional resistance to thermal degradation, good anti-foaming characteristics and lower phosphorous levels for improved emissions systems performance in vehicles prone to consumption / oil leakage.